Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gas Prices Creep Up As Government Scandals Dominate News

Yeah, I know it has been five years since I last posted...but nothing has changed in the Being Broke-The American dream saga. Gas prices continue to go up, and only when the cross a ($) Dollar threshold due we see the complaining start. I guess us Americans figure there is nothing we can do about it but complain. With all of the latest news on the NSA & IRS scandals dominating the news, we can be sure the gas prices will creep up even higher as if no one is watching. I know the NSA probably is.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fool's Gold: $1000 An Ounce

Another milestone has been reached. Gold has now hit the $1000 mark. Another sign of the troubling economy. Oil, gas, and gold at all time highs. Although we "officially" haven't been deemed living in a recession, I don't know how many signs people have to see to show that we are already there. Pawn shops must be doing a great business. One silver lining I found...milk may be coming down in price soon. Thanks for small favors! :)

Burning the Midnight Oil

Well, more bad news. And again we suffer. But I think it is our choice of using oil that has gotten us to this point. I have noticed that lately society seems to be trying to use alternative source and means of power...for so long solar power, hybrid cars, etc. were laughed at.
I watched a program last night about oil in Alaska that was very informative, explaining how much oil may be left in the ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge). Even if we were to explore it and remove the oil that is there, it would only last America a year. We are so dependent on foreign oil that we use 25% of what is available.
Maybe in our lifetime we will see major changes. We can only hope. Life will evolve for future generations and hopefully they will benefit.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gas Prices, Oil to Record Highs

When you think it couldn't get any worse, here comes 1973 again. Those of us old enough to remember "Odd/Even Days" at the gas pumps, here comes more bad news. More money out of ours into the rich folks hand. What can we do to change all of this?
Well, of course, we'll cut back on going anywhere...more "coocooning" for the middle-to-lower class. Going to Walmart (don't get me started with that!) once a month will be the "monthly" outing for entertainment, as we stay connected to the world at home. At least we have the internet, but even it can be tedious at times.
I suggest letting the market play itself out and maybe things will get back to normal. But this is bad. Misery loves company, and we have a lot to be miserable for. Wish I had a good way to end this post, but I don't! :(

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Musings on the "Sad State of the Economy"

What have you noticed happening in our economy today, besides the obvious? We all feel that gas, food, and other essentials rising in costs. I'm interested on how the financial squeeze is affecting the little things in our lives. It's actually the little things that suffer the most.
Not being able to visit friends and family because of the high cost of gas. Not buying what we might usually use at the store. Only one trip to Walmart a month. Seeing the suffering faces sometimes at the checkout.
It makes you long for days gone by. Even if we thought that they were not that great, they sure were better than this. Which begs the question...will we ever get out of this mess? I'm sure most of us know why we've come to this enviroment, or at least we think we know. It is what we don't know that hurts us.

A Shout-Out To a Fellow Blogger

Searching the internet, I found a person in a similar situation who lives in NY. http://tired-of-being-broke.blogspot.com/ Keep your chin up girl, hopefully things will improve for all of us. Yeah, right!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Status Quo

Here I am...living in the most prosperous country in the world, or so they say. Compared to some, I have plenty...a place to live, clothes on my back, food in my mouth. A supportive girlfriend to live with. Even with all that...which many would trade their situation with mine, life is lacking.
I have lived the homeless life, so I understand how lucky I am. But I don't feel lucky. They say money can't buy happiness; it seems like it takes money at least to have a life. I don't want to just exist.
If I had it all to do over again, I guess maybe I would still take what I've got. Even with all I have been through in life, and that has been much. But something is missing, especially with the way the American economy now stands.
I could rant about everything that is wrong with the status quo, and that I plan to do. Because I know that I am not the only one. Everyone needs an outlet, and maybe here we can at least get some of the daily stresses out.
So, please visit here and tell me your story...mine will follow in due time. Just maybe we can overcome our situations and make a difference for ourselves. Because our life affects others, we need to focus on not only helping ourselves, but others as well. At least we can try.